The Foundation finances two-year projects in collaboration with the institutions for clinical sciences, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and AniCura Albano or AniCura Bagarmossen’s veterinary hospital.

  • Metabolites in dog urine as diagnostic test. Potential to facilitate the early discovery of certain diseases.
    Inger Lilliehöök, SLU
    Anna Bodegård‐Westling, Albano
  • Diabetes mellitus among cats – treatment outcome, ethical considerations and quality of life for cats and owners.
    Bodil Ström Holst, SLU
    Erika Brandeker, Bagarmossen
  • Non-specific muscle pains among dogs and the link to adrenal gland diseases.
    Jeanette Hanson, SLU
    Maximiliane Haider, Bagarmossen
  • Respiratory rate and respiration patterns in dogs and cats in intensive care. For a better analysis of treatment results.
    Ingrid Ljungvall, SLU
    Anna Vestberg/Shacko di Grado, Bagarmossen
  • Acute-phase proteins and coagulation factors in the diagnosis of liver diseases with various causes, among cats.
    Jens Häggström, SLU

    Josefine Öberg, Bagarmossen

Previous years


  • Better dental home care in the prevention of periodontitis in dogs, continuation.
    Ann Pettersson, SLU, Louise Bley, Albano
    Karolina Enlund, Albano, doctoral student SLU
  • How clean is clean? A study in optimizing infection prevention and control in veterinary healthcare.
    Johanna Penell, SLU
    Josefine Öberg, Bagarmossen


  • Biomarkers in analyzing allergic skin diseases in dogs. On vaccinations against allergies.
    Helene Hamlin, Kerstin Bergvall, SLU
    Sabine Osmar Vitalich, Bagarmossen
  • Taurine blood concentrations in Cocker Spaniel dogs with or without dilated cardiomyopathy. Is taurine deficiency linked to heart disease?
    Ingrid Ljungvall, SLU
    Anna Tidholm, Albanon


  • Better home care in the prevention of periodontitis in dogs. Pioneering study into the importance of home care for canine oral health.
    Ann Pettersson, SLU, Louise Bley, Albano
    Karolina Enlund, Albano, licentiate SLU
  • Mapping the prevalence of Elbow Dysplasia in the Swedish dog population and progress of dogs that received the diagnosis
    Annika Bergström Albano/SLU
    Marcel Lee, Bagarmossen